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грузинська кухня


Appreciate and enjoy every minute you have!
Come to us and spend time with family, friends, loved ones.
Tasty, soulful, atmospheric and cozy
Leave all worries and just enjoy the moment, because this is life☀️

A little about us

Gamarjoba, dear guest!
"Aragvi" is a Georgian restaurant in Lviv, where the door is always open for you! Our establishment adheres to ancient traditions of hospitality and offers our distinguished guests delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine, prepared with love according to traditional recipes. In our establishment, we tried to recreate the magical culinary atmosphere of sunny Georgia. Professional chefs have developed a menu so that you can "find yourself in Georgia" without leaving the borders of Lviv💙💛

The kitchen of our restaurant is headed by a truly proud and charming Georgian woman who fell in love with our Ukraine 15 years ago. Therefore, each of our dishes, whether it is a fragrant kebab or hot khachapuri, causes genuine delight and admiration in visitors. Although, of course, talking about food is like drawing music. It is best to visit our Georgian restaurant and evaluate everything yourself!

Грузинський ресторан


Your favorite dishes of Georgian cuisine at home with Bolt Food 


Lviv, st. Ivan Franko 161 A

✆+38 0680980661

Restaurant opening hours:
daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m


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